Quicktip #6: Reading Blogs In Japanese, A Great Way To Up Your Reading

I’ve found that reading blogs in Japanese is actually very efficient and beneficial compared to some other types of reading documents.

Blogs are mostly written in “simple” everyday language and are therefore quite easy to understand, so you can start reading blogs real soon during your learning experience. Of course you need significant knowledge of the language before being able to read anything, but compared to something like wikipedia in Japanese for instance, it’s much more easy.

And although blogs are rather easy to understand, they are extremely beneficial as you can learn plenty of vocabulary depending on the topic of the post you’re reading.

And most of all, given that you don’t spend too much time trying to understand the language in itself, you can really enjoy the topic of the post.

I personally really enjoy reading blogs in Japanese because the reading just flows and I learn plenty of vocabulary in addition to learning a lot about the topic of the post.

I don’t personally read a certain blog in particular, most of the time, I search for topics which interest me and which I would like to learn about and then choose a blog that talks about that topic.

I can however give you a few links which I particularly enjoyed (most of what I read on blogs is about traveling):

I personally like this travel blog: https://tabicoffret.com/
The articles are written by different people, which allows for varied destinations. Articles seem to be posted everyday, so there’s plenty of stuff to read!

I really liked this article, which I came across when researching about Yama-Dera when I was writing my post about it: https://www.bushikaku.net/article/4848/
I read thoroughly this article and learned plenty of stuff, I really enjoyed it!

I wanted to learn more about Korea and the Korean language, so I started reading this blog’s articles about Korea travels and Korean: http://coneru-web.com/category/travel/

As I said, I don’t necessarily follow a certain blog, I mostly search what I want to learn about and choose a certain article. So if you have blog recommendations, I’m all ears!

What do you think about reading blogs in Japanese (or any foreign language)?
Do you think they’re good reading material for language learning?

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