Yama-Dera 山寺

Yama-Dera (山寺, lit. meaning « Mountain Temple ») is a Tendai Buddhist temple complex, located in Yamagata prefecture, built on a small mountain. Founded during the 9th century AD at the beginning of the Heian Era, by Buddhist monk Ennin, Yama-Dera offers a 1 000 steps climb, with exceptional scenery throughout the whole ascension allowing for an incredible experience.

« At the top awaits a feeling that you’ll never experience, unless you climb. »

«  登らなければ味わえない感動が、そこにあります。 »

It’s that kind of experience.

Let’s find out more about this temple’s history and what is has to offer!

sutra of yama-dera

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5 Beautiful places in Okinawa you MUST check out 沖縄穴場

1 今帰仁村 Nakijin-son

Nakijin is a town of around 9 500 people on located on Okinawa’s main island.
Nakijin is said to be ぬーねんしが (nūnenshiga) which is Okinawa’s dialect for 何もないけど (nanimo nai kedo) meaning “there’s nothing but…”
In Nakijin there are no shopping malls, no family restaurants or big scale amusement installations. Only untouched traditional and natural scenery remains. “There’s nothing but we’re satisfied”, that’s Nakijin.

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