Why does Japan drive on the left side of the road?

About 65% of the population drives on the right-hand side of the road, while the other 35% drives on the left side. And what’s more, around 90% of the total length of roads that exist on this Earth are used for right-hand traffic! So basically, most people drive on the right side of the road. Yet, Japan (along with countries such as the UK, Australia, Thailand, Suriname…) drives on the left-hand side of the road. Why is that? Let’s find out.

Red: right-hand side driving; Blue: left-hand side driving
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5 Japanese New Year’s Traditions

Each country has its own unique way of celebrating the coming of the New Year. You might celebrate the New Year completely differently than I do: here in France we usually eat tons of not-so-healthy foods with friends and family and take a day off on January 1st. You might also be familiar with the famous Chinese New Year festivities and all its events.

But have you ever wondered what it’s like in Japan? Let’s find out!

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浮世絵 Ukiyo-e


Beautiful, isn’t it ?

This art work by 葛飾北斎 (Katsushika Hokusai), called 神奈川沖浪裏 (Kanagawa-oki nami ura; Eng: The Great Wave off Kanagawa), is one of, if not the most famous paintings of Ukiyo-e style.

But what exactly is Ukiyo-e? Where did it come from?
And what makes those paintings so special ?

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