Quicktip #1 : Learning other languages in Japanese (or any foreign language!)

Recently I decided to learn how to read Korean (because why not?) and so I needed explanations on how it works, and what better way to optimize language learning than by being taught in a language you’re already studying! Killing two birds with one stone as they say.

Seriously, that came across my mind pretty randomly (aka, clicking on recommended videos on YouTube), but learning another language IN another language (one you already have knowledge in) is super efficient! When I watch videos teaching Korea in Japanese, I’m amazed at how much stuff I understand and learn! It’s really cool because there’s a lot of this kind of material on YouTube and it works extremely well.

So I heavily recommend that, if you’re interested, you watch language lessons in Japanese (or any foreign language you’re learning). It does require to have some knowledge in it though because you need to know some specific vocabulary and understand most of the stuff, but the videos are usually pretty easy to understand and easy to grasp, so you can start doing that pretty early on. I mean look at me, I can’t understand the Japanese news yet (November 2017), but I understand absolutely everything in these kind of videos and it’s really motivating. Plus you’re learning yet another language!

This way, you can practice two languages at the time!

Anyway, I suggest you check this kind of stuff out, I find it really efficient.

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