How to learn Kanji 漢字の勉強法

So today I’m going to be talking about how to learn Kanji, which even in Japan takes a long time and is a pain to learn. This way is very effective on the long term, and is not very intense nor complicated. It’s easy to keep up with and allows you to continue to learn Kanji without stopping. I started learning Kanji  around 8 months ago for real with this technique, and to this day I know 1330 of them. I should know the recommended amount within 6 months. So with this technique you can learn the necessary Kanji amount in just a little over a year with less than 10 minutes of work a day ; compared to 10 years of school learning in Japan. The only downside to this strategy is that it does not emphasize the writing very much, but then after all, you should be the one to decide if you need handwriting.


So the method in itself is very simple:

  1. Download Anki
  2. Create a Kanji deck
  3. Add 5 Kanjis everyday : the front of the card showing the kanji and the back showing the pronunciations and meanings
  4. Revise them around 2 to 3 times the day you added them and let Anki calculate the time before the next revision
  5. The next day, revise your previously added Kanji and add 5 more.

5 steps is all it takes.

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The History of Kanji 漢字の歴史

What is kanji exactly ?

The Japanese writing system is composed of three scripts (technically four if you include the roman alphabet). One of them is Kanji. It comprises thousands of characters, each one representing an idea, a meaning. Each kanji can have multiple readings, going from a few (1 or 2), to a LOT (dozens), and it can be quite a pain to learn. Believe me, I’m talking from personal experience.

Kanji meaning theater or drama, pronounced “geki”.
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